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Indian Ocean is jam-packed with things to do. The hardest part of planning your holiday will be deciding which to do first!

Anse-Lazio Praslin

The 115 Islands that form the Seychelles Archipelago shelter numerous tropical wonders. Paradise on earth, another world, luxurious break, treasured holidays... Praises can quickly shower as we start to narrate the Seychelles. Beaches cannot get more pristine, crystal clear lagoons, lush flora filling in the islands and the amazing fact that more than 50% of this country is classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

These islands found their first inhabitants just 250 years ago as people arrived in small numbers from different origins harmoniously forming today’s 89,173 multicultural population of the Seychelles. There is so much to discover in this archipelago where even time appears to lounge. It took us just one evening on the beach witnessing the granitic rocks, the sand and the sea take the colours of the sun to understand that we were in one of the most tranquil and beautiful places of this earth.

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How would you imagine climate in paradise? This is basically it! Tropical sun all year round, cumulus clouds, lukewarm bays, and zephyrs are the attributes of a climate which for ages treasured the numerous animal and plants species living in the Seychelles. The islands of the archipelago are grouped according to their location. The northern group of islands hangs just below the equator while the more distant ones likes the Aldabra group lye just off the northeast coast of Madagascar. Temperatures can slightly vary according to the location of the island group, but generally speaking, the archipelago enjoys sunny conditions all year round.


Summer in the Seychelles archipelago is from November to April. During this period, temperatures reach their peaks. These humid weather conditions also carry some rainfall especially in December & January.


In winter (May-October), the temperature rarely drops below 26°C for the main islands of the Seychelles. Beaches are still sun-drenched and tradewinds can make their presence felt during this period.

When to visit Seychelles

With an average lagoon temperature wobbling between 27 to 28°C and year-round sunshine, the Seychelles is an amazing destination to visit whenever you feel like. In fact, it is during December and January that the Seychelles collects most of its rainfall and visitors.

For Honeymoon

Seychelles is one of the places on earth where you can rent a boat and sail to a private island/beach. We suggest interseasonal dates.

Family holidays

The Seychelles archipelago is located out of the cyclonic zone of the Indian Ocean. For perfect family holidays, we suggest the peak seasons as all activities can be enjoyed.

USEFUL INFO Republic of  Seychelles - Flag

Population: 89,173 (2013)
Capital: Victoria
Total area: 459 km2
Language: English, French & Seselwa
Currency: Seychellois Rupee
Time zone: UTC+04:00


Mean summer temperature: 30 °C
Mean winter temperature: 26 °C
Warmest months: January - February
Out of the cyclonic period




What to see
Seychelles Where to eat

Quite tricky to find (near Kempinski beach), this restaurant has just about everything right to please the whole family.

Praslin leisure

Whether you are visiting the Seychelles for the weekend or for more than two weeks, Praslin Island is one place you will not want to miss in the archipelago.

Seychelles Places to Visit

This magnificent natural park spreads lush vegetation over more than 3000 hectares. It is the highest peak of the Seychelles archipelago culminating 905 metres above sea level.

Seychelles Places to Visit

Take a memorable catamaran trip to discover this beautiful marine park and its neighbouring islands. You can snorkel to discover the amazing marine biodiversity of the region.

Beau Vallon Seychelles

Also known as Côte d’Or beach by locals, this public beach is the most popular resort of the Seychelles. You can enjoy a variety of water sports and many tourism facilities along the coast.

The Seychelles archipelago is renowned for its beaches, which are beautiful. Lined with coconut trees and takamakas, these granitic islands have these peculiarities.

Where to stay

Choose from the different types of accommodation available in Seychelles. There is something for every level of comfort and budget.

Description and Location

The Valmer Resort enjoys an idyllic location on the southern coast of Mahé; the most untouched part of the island. Nestled in the heart of Baize Lazare, the luxury establishment is a family-run, luxury, self-catering hotel offering the best in opulence, comfort and...

Description and Location

This sublime establishment is considered by many to be the best hotel of la Digue Island. Located about 200 meters north of the small port town of La Passe, Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie is simply a haven of peace and serenity.

Covering several acres, this Zen-style...

Description and Location

Set on the beautiful Cote d’Or Esplanade coast in Praslin, the Berjaya Praslin Resort is a high-quality three star resort. The perfect island getaway, the Berjaya Praslin Resort is amidst wondrous natural landscape and tropical beauty. Its visitors are being seduce with...


The resort enjoys an idyllic location in Seychelles; it is nestled in the quiet north-west region of Praslin. The Constance Lémuria Resort is set in natural pure beauty; it is surrounded by luxuriant and lush vegetation and is washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.


Le Château de Feuilles’ restaurant is simply the best place for fine dining on the island of Praslin. The Chefs have creatively designed the a-la-carte menu of the restaurant which can already boast itself for having the best ocean view over the Island of Praslin.


The paradise island of La Digue needs accommodations that reflect its natural spirit. There are no roads, no cars & no hotels on this island, but we can recommend you La Digue Island Lodge and its peaceful gardens opening on the beach.

Grand Soeur Island promises a complete scenery change when compared to Mahe and other islands. This unpeopled island is an ideal love nest for newlyweds.

This is the island of awards. Best beach destination or best honeymoon island, La Digue strikes with its heavenly beaches like Anse Source d’Argent, Grand and Petite Anse.

Where to eat

Explore the best restaurants and places to eat in Seychelles.

Seychelles - Activities

The number of Marine Parks in the Seychelles is just feverish. Young or old can enjoy the feeling of living undersea. Just a snorkel kit required for this. Try it!

Seychelles - Activities

If you are planning to visit the Seychelles from April to July, you should definitely try surfing during this time when monsoon winds are from the south-east.

Seychelles - Activities

Discover the magnificent underwater life while following the corals. Don’t be surprised if you come across rare species like rays or the giant sea tortoises of the Seychelles Archipelago.

Seychelles - Activities

This is to try on Mahe and Praslin only. Rent a car and drive your way to some of the most beautiful beaches & natural wonders you’ll ever have the chance to see (& at your own pace).

Seychelles - Activities

Hire a boat or book a charter to sail from islands to islands. You might discover forgotten islands, desert beaches and unexpected zoological populations.

Seychelles - Activities

Marlins, Tunas, Sharks, sailfish are amongst the most common pelagic species that seem to love the warmness of the Seychellois seas. You can rent a boat & realise your fishing dreams.

Seychelles - Activities

The Seychellois ecosystem is amongst the best in the world to watch birds including endemic ones like the famous Black Parrot of Praslin’s May Valley, or La Digue’s Veuve Noire reserve.

Seychelles Activities

Beaches are kings in the Seychelles. Multiply 115 Islands lined with pristine white sand, coconut trees and granitic boulders. Simply the best destination of the Indian Ocean for sunbathing

The Seychelles archipelago is renowned for its beaches, which are beautiful. Lined with coconut trees and takamakas, these granitic islands have these peculiarities.

Tourism Service in Seychelles

Tourism Service

Before travelling to Seychelles, you need to know the basic facts and practical information. The same text should be put for other island pages.

Tourism service in Seychelles

Seychelles - Spa

For more detailed information about the Seychelles archipelago, please consult the Seychelles Tourism Board website.

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Visa: No visa required.
Passport: valid passport /ID card required.
Health: no vaccine needed
Flight Time (UK): 11 hours
Time Zone: GMT +4
Time difference: winter +3 summer +2
Coordinates: 4.6796° S, 55.4920° E
Country code: +248
Currency: Seychellois rupee
Credit card: largely accepted
Coastline: 491 km
Highest peak: 905m Morne Seychellois
Roads: all roads in Seychelles are free of use
Driving: is to the left, driver’s seat at the right of vehicle
Road Toll: None
Mobile operators: Airtel, C&W Ltd
Mobile coverage: International roaming (add. Costs)
Tipping: not compulsory
Tax Tourist Refund: 15% refunded – Terms here
Electrical: Voltage 220/240 – outlets of Type G
Water: tap water is safe to drink
Bus services: Mahé & Praslin



Tourist info: 4671300
Hospital: 4388000
Praslin Hospital: 4232333
Airline data: 4391000
Meteorological Services: 4384078
Police: 999
Coast Guards: 4224411
Fire brigade: 4289952
Directories: 181 / 4600600
SAMU Ambulances: 151