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Capital Seychelles: Port Victoria Seychelles


Welcome to the 115 islands-nation which form the republic of Seychelles. Among these paradisiacal islands lies the Mahé Island. The latter is the principal island of the Seychelles archipelago. With an area of 59.85 mi², the isle is well-developed and has many attractions for tourists. The capital of Mahé Island is Port Victoria. The city is the smallest African capital in the Indian Ocean. It is situated in the north eastern side of the island. In 2009, the central city held approximately 25,000 people out of the 85,000 population of the whole island. Below is a collection of photos of Victoria, Seychelles:

Port victoria mahe island Seychelles

History Victoria 

The French colonists settled at first in 1778 after claiming Mahé Island in 1756. However, in the end the city was named after the queen of the United Kingdom in the 19th century, Queen Victoria. Hotels in Victoria There are several hotels in the Seychelles which will definitely give pleasure and satisfaction to its customers. However, staying in a hotel of the capital island is something unique. You will get to experience being a Seychellois townsman. There are many advantages that you can get reserving one of these hotels.

Le wharf hotel

Le wharf hotel seychelles

Le wharf hotel is located in the capital. The Mahe hotel is rated a 4 star hotel. It provides a lot of facilities such as a swimming pool, a restaurant and a mystique bar. The hotel provides one of the best hospitality services in the region. The Front desk is available for queries and requests 24 hours a day. Room service is offered along with free Wifi and fully air-conditioned rooms and fans. We highly recommend Le wharf hotel for amazing and satisfying Seychelles holidays.

Le Jardin des Palmes

Le Jardin des Palmes Seychelles

Welcome to Le Jardin resort. This small 3-star hotel is located 30 minutes from the airport. Nestled at the heart of the capital, the hotel Le Jardin has 10 luxurious rooms which promise peace and privacy. The rooms are equipped with furniture of high quality. All the rooms have spacious terraces offering magnificent sunset views. Romantic atmosphere is guaranteed for honeymooners! All rooms are fully air-conditioned! The hotel has its own private restaurant which serves Seychellois Creole dishes while also providing international cooking’s. Just beside the restaurant lies a swimming pool. Le Jardin des Palmes’ services are impeccable. They promise to respond to your requests in the shortest time.

Victoria harbour

Victoria harbour Seychelles

The inner harbour is located exactly east of the city. There, tuna fishing and canning are part of the principal local industry, fishing. Victoria mainly cultivates and exports coconuts, vanilla, coconut oil, guano and fish.   Attractions Victoria There are several attractions in the city.

Little Ben (Small Big Ben)

Little ben seychelles

The town include a clock tower copied on that of Big Ben Clock Tower in London, England. The construction of the little Ben was finished on the 27 March 1903. At first, the small big ben was black and oil lamps were placed on its four sides. After 4 decades, the city council decided that it should be coloured with lustrous silver. There is an old courthouse beside the clock tower. The latter is a good example of Creole architecture, attractive and interesting. However, the building is aging and in a state of disrepair.  

Victoria Botanical Gardens

Victoria botanical garden

One of the must- visited attractions in Mahé for your Seychelles holidays are the Victoria Botanical Gardens. It is situated on the outer parts of Victoria. The garden exists for more than a century and is one of the oldest national monuments of the republic of Seychelles. It includes five acres of landscape and gorgeous botanical gardens. The garden holds a wide variety of spice and fruit trees which can only be found in this garden. Victoria Botanical Gardens are home to Aldabra tortoises, some which are more than a 150 years old.

Victoria National Museum of History

Museum Seychelles

This museum was set up in 1964. The museum has the responsibility of acquiring and preserving historical artifacts to display it for the public benefit. You get to see the first and oldest map of the Seychelles drawn in 1517. The national museum holds the smallest statuette of Queen Victoria. It also has the oldest monument in the Seychelles, the stone of possession. The latter signifies the possession of the Seychelles islands by the French. Tips: There are no Entrance fees for children under 12 years old.   

Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market.


The Market was created in 1840. Since then, the Vicotiria Market became a local hotspot of the Seychellois. In 1999, the Market was completely renovated. You will get to contemplate the brightly colourful fishes in display for sale. A variety of fruits and vegetables are also available. Souvenirs, clothing and local crafts of art can be obtained too. The city includes the national stadium named Stade Linité. It has the capacity to welcome 10,000 individuals. Weather Port Victoria The weather at Victoria has the characteristic of a tropical rainforest climate having high temperature throughout the year. During June and July, you will experience the driest period of the Capital. On the other hand, from December to February, it is the time where it rains more. However, average monthly precipitation never falls below 60 mm in Victoria. Victoria annual averages precipitation is about 2,000 mm. Normally, you can enjoy the blue Sky to the partly clear sky Completely cloudy days are rare throughout the year even during the December to February which is the region’s rainiest period.     Are you planning a vacation to the Seychelles? Reserve your room at Le Domaine De La Reserve. The hotel has 40 luxurious rooms, offering its clients a comfortable and satisfactory journey. The praslin hotel has its own restaurant and bar. Furthermore, it holds the largest swimming pool in the Seychelles. You can enjoy the gym available to all house guests. The hotel provides the services of a baby sitter on request. Tea and coffee is offered freely for all guest at the bar. All the clients at La reserve in Paslin will receive free internet connections and free wifi connections. 



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