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La Table du Chateau

la table du chateau


La table du chateau

La table du chateau is a contemporary restaurant ideally situated in the island of Mauritius. Found in the middle of the Labourdonnais estate, the restaurant attracts many customers with his excellent menus. The chef, Fabio de poli have 20 years of experience and he offers the best Mauritian cuisines.

Sitting at the dining table, you will be offered a creative menu with a gastronomic touch. The menus are inspired by the vegies from the garden of labourdonnais which consists of unique trees. The restaurant also cook copious fish meal and chicken meal including the famous creole Mauritian ‘rougaille’ and chicken curry. La table du chateau has different menu for lunch and dinner.

Lunch menu


Mauritian style fish salad- this fish salad is made up with lady fingers, coriander, tomatoes. Onions and green lemon juice.

Caesar salad- consist of egg, crispy bacon and smoked duck breast

Tagliatelles- The tagliatelles is a relishing menu with mushrooms, parmesan, parsley and olive oil

Tortellini – stuffed with ricotta and fresh herbs, goat cheese and lamb.


Rolls- a crispy prawn served along with salad and spicy mango dip

Oysters- it is served with fresh lemon and vinaigrette.


Giant prawns- this menu consist of bread fruit gratins, giant roasted prawns, salads and crustacean sauce.

Lobsters- a delicious menu, with grilled lobsters, gratin and vanilla butter sauce.


Duck leg- crispy duck leg accompanied with gratin and salad with a flavour of mustard and honey vinaigrette.

Beef tail- grilled beef tail is a mixture of tomato, arouille puree and vegetables


Catch of the day- fish with a topping of lemongrass and green lemon pumpkin and spinach.

Tuna-the tuna is served as steak with spicy tomato compote, salad and arouille potato.


Tart- consist of caramel, coffee and chocolate.

‘Zanzil’ bananas-roasted banana covered with vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce

Dinner menu


Ravioles- consist of foie gras, mascarpone sauce and olive oil.

Scallops- fried scallops with creamy arouille.


King prawns- it is a menu with grilled prawns, garlic butter and lobster coulis.

Lobster-the lobsters is topped with vanilla, potatoes and root vegies


Lamb shank - lamb shank is served with red wine, vegetables and arouille puree

Duck breast- duck breat with a topping of honey, red cabbage and vinegar

Mauritian specialities

Rougaille-a mixture of sausages, rice lentil and seasonal chutney.

Chicken and prawns curry- the menu consist of both chicken and prawn, tomato, steamed rice and black lentil


Ice cream or sorbet-a copious dessert made with different fruits.

Crumble-a combination of rum ice- cream, mascarpone cheese and whole crumble grains.

The restaurant is open 7 days a week. Sunday to Tuesday it is open at 9am to 5 pm and Wednesday to Saturday its opening time is 9 am to 11pm.




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