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Mauritius attractions


If you have never heard of Mauritius, here is a brief description of this exotic country. Mauritius is a volcanic island situated in the Indian Ocean. It has an area of approximately 2040km2 The island holds pride in its praline beaches and amazing underwater life and environments. Here are some pictures which you can contemplate:

Mauritius attractions: Beaches

Mauritius attractions: Underwater  

Mauritius attractions: Top view of Le morne  

Mauritius attractions: Underwater scene  

As you can see, Mauritius is indeed a paradise island.It has a lot of facilities available to its visitors. There is a wide range of accommodations in Mauritius and many of Mauritius Hotels and Villas that are near the beach, if not directly located on the beach. On the other hand, to enjoy everything that the island has to offer, you might need to rent a car in Mauritius during your stay here. Check out our partnering websites below if you are planning a vacation in Mauritius. Villa mauritius: To rent villas in Mauritius AvisMauritus:  Car rental Mauritius Villas caroline: For hotels in Mauritius   Here a list of places of interest you should check out for planning your trip in Mauritius. These Mauritius attractions should be the top 10 on your bucket list.  

Casela Nature Park     

Mauritius attractions: Casela entrance

Casela Nature Park is situated between Flic en Flac and Tamarin on the western coast of the island. The latter is an adventure park where you can do the following activities:

Animals and Birds

Mauritius attractions: Zebra at Casela

There is a variety of endemic and rare birds living and animating the park. There are more than 1500 birds from 150 different species. Have a stroll around the nature park full of flora and fauna and contemplate the different colourful birds of the Park.

Mauritius attractions: Walking with lions at Casela

There are lions which you can have a walk with for a small fee. Casela Nature park has 9 lions and 3 cheetahs. A team of professionals will supervise you and relate to you interesting informations and facts.

Mauritius attractions: Cheetah at Casela

Zip line

Mauritius attractions: Zip lines

The Casela Nature Park has the honour to hold the longest Zip line in Mauritius. The Zip line offers you an adrenaline rushed through your veins while you get the opportunity to contemplate the gorgeous park from above. Slide through the 400 meters rope for 22 seconds long dose of adrenaline. The zip line can be reserved for a 1 hour activity or a full day activity.

Mauritius attractions: Zipline at Casela Nature Park

4D cinema

Mauritius attractions: 4D cinema

The progress of technology is now at Casela Nature Park. The latter have the honour to hold the first 4D cinema hall in their park.

The Experience  

You will be equipped 3D glasses. When you enter the room, you will notice the difference from the normal cinema hall that you usually go to. Do not forget to fasten your seatbelts when you sit on the technologically advanced chair. Once the movie begins, you will find yourselves at the heart of the action and you will physically feel the atmosphere of the film. Your seat is synchronized with the movie and will bow, vibrate and shake according to the action scenes.  

Spoiler Alert: In the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth ", which will take you to the depths of the Earth, you will get a feeling of warmth when the character comes close to the lava in the heart of the Earth.   The theater can accommodate 32 persons at a time and tickets are available at the input box, and the box office cinema.

Quad Bike

Mauritius attractions: Quad biking

Explore the 14 ha. park of Casela with an automatic 400 cc Bombardier quad. Cruise on the quad bike on rocky and mountainous conditions. During your ride, you will meet zebras, antelopes, monkeys, deer and ostriches that you would definitely not meet on your normal routine day. You will get the opportunity to capture amazing pictures in the nature of the park with the wild animals.   There are more activities that the Casela Nature Park offers. We have not listed them all.

Le Caudan Waterfront

Mauritius attractions: Le Caudan Waterfront

Le Caudan waterfront is a commercial buildup in the capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis. The city is maybe the most developed part of the island. You will come across a lot of shops mainly selling designer clothes and garments. There is a casino where you can spend a few dollars or win a jackpot. The headquarters of the SBM bank and the MCB bank are located near the waterfront.  So, there are a lot banking facilities available. There are two cinema halls in Caudan waterfront. One plays mainly Bollywood movies while the other one plays mainly Hollywood movies. You can choose to accommodate at the five-star hotel Le Labourdonnais which is situated behind the waterfront. Below are more pictures of Le Caudan Waterfront:

Mauritius attractions: Caudan waterfront

Chateau de Labourdonnais

Welcome to Le Chateau de Labourdonnais for a trip to the 19th century. The Mauritius museum is a 150 year old castle that was constructed in a garden in Mauritius. Have an escape from your daily routine of the industrial world with Le Chateau de Labourdonnais. Feel free to have a stroll in the typical Mauritian garden where you will find a variety of exotic flowers and orchards. Meet the small settlements of the Aldabra tortoises. Relish the products of the distillery in the tasting bar of the best Mauritian restaurant. Le chateau de Labourdonnais offers unique attractions in Mauritius and is one of the most relaxing Mauritius tourist attractions.  

La Vallée des 23 couleurs

Mauritius attractions: La Valée des 23 couleurs

Thanks to the past volcanic activities of the island, we now have the opportunity to contemplate the amazing multi coloured earth caused by the eruption of the Bassin Blanc volcano millions of years ago together with the involvement of the weathering process. Here are some pictures of the 23-colour earth which will make you want to visit La Vallée des 23 couleurs:

Mauritius attractions: Waterfall at Vallée des couleurs

Mauritius attractions: Zipline at vallée des couleurs

On the other hand, La vallée des 23 couleurs offers activities such as quad biking and zip lines. The nature park includes amazing waterfalls and flora and fauna. Its fern garden comprises of tree ferns, wild orchids and native flowers, like the Trochetia and the Bouquet Banané. Breathe in the fresh clean air that rules over at La Vallée des 23 Couleurs.     Royal Park is selling over 200 luxury real estate in Mauritius.  While proposing activities both inside and outside of the properties, Royal Park specialises in the selling of luxury real estate in Mauritius.


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