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Reserve of Perinet

The Reserve of Perinet is ideally situated 150 km east off the capital city of the Madagascar island, the Antananarivo. The reserve is also known as the Andasiblemantadia national park. The dense, humid forest is home to several endemic species and endangered species. Rain falls at least during 210 days annually, making the greenish forest looks vivid. The reserve has two part, namely the mantadia Park and the analamazoatra reserve.

In the year 2007, the park became part of the world heritage site. The andasiblemantadia is considered as the easiest park of the city of Antananarivo. The hiking trails last only 1-6 hours in both the mantadia and amalamazoatra. You do not have to worry about the map, you will get help from a local guide.

The reserve of perinet is famous for its 11 species of lemurs including the Grey bamboo lemurs, diademed sifaka and common Brown lemur. It is considered as the best place to see the largest lemur, indri. The indri is one of the rarest species of lemur found in the island. This lemur barely have a visible tail and looks like a black and white teddy bear. You may hear its calls from 3km away.

Besides the 11 species of lemurs, the park also owns a variety of animals in addition, the chameleons, tree frogs, snakes, birds and a variety of reptile species. While walking through the park you will have the opportunity to meet up with most of the species. The park is a perfect place for bird lovers. There are a variety of species of birds including the velvet asity and nuthatch vanga. It is naturally decorated with over 1000 species of orchids, giving more value to the reserve.

The andasiblemantadia national park offer different circuits for its visitors. The first circuit is the indri 1, it is a 2km trek and dues less than 2hr. indri 2 (3.5km) and less than 4hrs trekking. The 2nd circuit is the botanical tour where you will have the opportunity to admire a vast range of orchids. November to December is the best time to visit the orchid park. The 3rd circuit is the sacred falls and rianasoa tours, where you will pass through a secured route and watch lush vegetation. The last circuit is the tsakoka tour, it usually due 5-6 hours. Visitors hike at the far edge of the andasiblemantadia.

It is open on a daily basis at 6 am to 4 pm and its entrance fees is affordable & worthy.



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